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It is undeniable that ‘retention’ and ‘productivity’ are core for every company of the New Economy ecosystem. Therefore, employee’s engagement strategies are more and more important. An assertive internal communication strategy helps a company build a shared understanding of a brand’s purpose, values ​​and future, helping to connect employees around a cohesive culture and empowering them to make decisions that are always aligned with the company’s goals.

With the motto “growing from the inside out”, The Square truly believes that when employees feel part of the organization and have a word on strategic changes, they become ambassadors for the company´s cause. Also, on our view, an organization with its values internally consolidated through deep connection can foster loyalty, generate commitment and energize team members turning the company more able to tell its story to the world in a successful way.

At the Square, we set clear narratives and identify the right channels to produce relevant content to this demanding target. We also help companies defining goals, sharing successful stories and using tools that allow better communication and engagement amongst the employees.

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